Virtual Doula & Coaching For The Childbearing Year

Flexible support tailored to you and your needs

Virtual doula services? For real? Yup, for real! Although I truly believe in the deep power and value of in-person doula support, I know it’s not easily accessible (or the right choice!) for every family. 

I’m excited to offer virtual doula services and coaching for those who can’t access a doula in their area, want additional or ancillary support, or just need some honest perspective and good advice as they navigate emotions, evidence, and decision-making during the childbearing year.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual doula?

A virtual doula is a doula who serves you virtually, digitally, online! (Some may also call it a distance doula). 

Who should hire a virtual doula?

Virtual doula services are a good fit for families for a number of different reasons. Some may like a virtual doula because they’re living in an area without many doulas. Others may love to have a doula’s support and advice prenatally, but would prefer to keep the birth a private experience. A virtual doula may also work for someone who has had a doula before, but this time just wants to talk things over rather than have someone attend their birth or support them during postpartum. The reasons are many, but the desire for clarity and confidence during the childbearing year is a commonality.

What if I want to hire you and an in-person doula?

Honestly, I think that’s a great idea! I’d love to be an additional support to you.


“Carrie was available during my very long labor by text and telephone and I was ever so grateful to have her support to answer my questions and be a sounding board and guide for my baby’s birth.” —Kristin

One part coach, one part sherpa, one part wise woman and 100% on your team

I’m your go-to person during pregnancy and postpartum—a knowledgable, experienced, and non-judgmental professional.

I’ll answer questions, provide suggestions, direct you to resources.

I’ll prepare with you and I’ll process with you. 


“Carrie was our doula during my first pregnancy and she was just wonderful. When I got pregnant again, we were no longer in the same city, but I still sought her advice and wisdom, this time by phone and text. She was so supportive and reassuring and really helped me stay grounded and positive during the pregnancy. It was the next best thing to having her there with us!” —Justine

How It Works

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Tailored To Your Needs

With five support options, my compassionate and conscientious care as a virtual doula is available to you, no matter where you live.

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