Carrie Murphy was simply excellent. She listened to our preferences, hopes, and dreams about the birthing process, and did her best to help make them a reality with professionalism, warmth, and a sense of humor. From our first meeting until our postpartum visit, we felt that she was an excellent, non-intrusive, advocate to our entire pregnancy and birth process.

Monica P.

Throughout my labor, Carrie was amazing, she helped me concentrate on breathing through each contraction and relaxing each part of my body.  She applied counter pressure to my lower back during contractions as needed.  She also could sense that I needed some coaching while pushing, which really helped.  I truly feel that I had a really smooth labor and delivery thanks to Carrie’s excellent support. My husband and I are so grateful to her and would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!

Carrie M

I an’t recommend a doula enough for any type of birth and Carrie was wonderful! I have no idea how I would have made it through my labor without her. Carrie, having done her research beforehand, knew just what I needed throughout my labor. She was attentive, caring, and ready to try whatever I needed to push on. I truly believe childbirth is easier when shared with people who genuinely care. It’s clear that Carrie loves everything about mothers, childbirth and everything in between. She is highly educated and always learning more. She was a wonderful advocate when I had no idea what to expect. 

Emily S.

Carrie went above and beyond, and I couldn’t have asked for a better doula. Carrie was caring, professional, warm, loving, supportive, and funny! All the the things I really needed. She was a big part of my child’s birth and I will never forget it. 

Melissa P.

I had a wonderful birth experience with Carrie as my doula. During labor, she encouraged me exactly how I needed her to. She was exactly the cheerleader I needed her to be. She also really helped me make some tough decisions about my labor. I felt like she would be able to adapt her coaching style to match the personality of any birth mother so that mom could have the best experience she possibly could. Should I have another baby, I wouldn’t hesitate to have Carrie as my doula again. I think she’d be great for your family too. 

Dawn D.

My labor and delivery didn’t exactly go the way I’d hoped, but I had a very pleasant experience (well, except the contractions of course!).  Just her company helped immensely!  Then, when contractions started was when I knew I made the right choice.  There were times I didn’t think I could get through, but she had me breathe or relax parts of my body and it made it so much easier to get through!  warmth, and a sense of humor. From our first meeting until our postpartum visit, we felt that she was an excellent, non-intrusive, advocate to our entire pregnancy and birth process.

Alison S.

Speaking as a husband/father who has always prides himself on being strong, supportive and someone who rises to challenges and pressure, I don’t know if I could not have gotten my wife, or myself, through her labor near as well without Carrie.

Mark S.

 Carrie worked throughout my labor to make sure that I was getting what I needed without me having to ask for anything.  Carrie anticipated my needs and brought little extras that helped me through the labor – such as a rice sock and lip balm. I also wanted a natural, unmedicated birth and Carrie’s help through the process was essential to my achieving that.

Kristin D.

Carrie was perfect for the birth experience we were seeking. She took the time to understand our desires for the birth and came prepared to do everything she could to help us achieve it. Whether it was an iPhone app to time my contractions or a series of stretches to help the baby descend faster, she had a trick up her sleeve every step of the way. Her gentle, yet confident presence helped my husband and me stay calm and strong throughout the whole thing. The birth of our son is now one of our most treasured memories!

Marie M.

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