Virtual Doula & Coaching For The Childbearing Year

You deserve personalized, compassionate pregnancy & birth support

Virtual doula support is compassionate care that you can count on—completely individualized to you.  As an experienced doula, I have suggestions and solutions for your unique situation, no matter your goals, preferences, or plans. 

My virtual doula care packages include monthly private video chats until 36 weeks of pregnancy, then weekly video chats until  you give birth. Unlimited emails, texts and phone calls are included. 

Virtual doula support is tailored to you and can include:

    • Preparing for your birth
    • Unpacking fears
    • Picking a provider
    • Building a birth plan and birth team
    • Common pregnancy concerns and discomforts
    • Evidence-based resources and information
    • Recommended reading (and apps and podcasts!) based on your plans and personality
    • Postpartum preparation
    • Access to my password-protected client portal with an exhaustive list of reading and recommendations
    • & more!

Virtual doula services and coaching are for expectant parents who do not want to work with an in-person doula,  can’t access a doula in their area, or are looking need some honest perspective and good advice as they navigate emotions, evidence, and decision-making during pregnancy,  birth, and the postpartum period. 

All of my services are offered on a sliding scale. Read more about why I chose this pricing structure


Carrie has been invaluable as a doula for my family, the first time in person and the second time virtually. Carrie is so intuitive, kind and natural (also knowledgeable, super smart and experienced), that I really feel she was meant to be with us in those transformative and transcendent moments. Most importantly, she has been there to help us find the way to have the birth experiences we wanted and to work through the challenges along the way. So much gratitude, Carrie. Your work is life-changing and life-affirming.


How It Works

Choose a Service or Package

Choose from one of two package deals, or check out the specific types of sessions below


Schedule a Time to Chat

Phone or video chat, the choice is yours!.


We’ll talk, text, email—and get you what you need to feel confident and prepared

Ask Me Anything


In a one hour phone call or video chat, you can ask me any and all questions related to your pregnancy, birth, postpartum, infant feeding experience, and more. This is a great option for someone who may like a doula’s support or wisdom on one aspect or issue only, especially in finding and understanding resources and information.

Feel free to ask about:

  • Preparing for your birth
  • Unpacking fears
  • Picking a provider
  • Building a birth plan and birth team
  • Evidence-based resources and information
  • Recommended reading based on your plans and personality
  • Postpartum preparation
  • and more!

Birth Visioning


A baby is going to get out of your body—that’s a given. But there are so many other variables to consider regarding birth….not the least of which is your own ideas and preferences. Want some help figuring out what you really want and need for your birth? We’ll work together to come up with a vision for your birth—and I’ll give you resources and reading to build the foundation for that vision to come into being. We’ll consider your history and prior experiences, knowledge about birth, care team, birthing place, partner and other support people, personality, goals, and so much more to help you envision a birthing day that is positive and emotionally resonant.

Two one hour sessions, one earlier in pregnancy and one at 36 weeks—includes birth vision worksheet, birth plan templates and writing help, etc.

I  am proud to offer all of my services on a sliding scale. I believe that doing so is a tool for economic justice.  We can chat about how to make working together possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual doula?

A virtual doula is a doula who serves you virtually, digitally, online! (Some may also call it a distance doula).

Who should hire a virtual doula?

Virtual doula services are a good fit for families for a number of different reasons. Some may like a virtual doula because they’re living in an area without many doulas. Others may love to have a doula’s support and advice prenatally, but would prefer to keep the birth a private experience.

A virtual doula may also work for someone who has had a doula before, but this time just wants to talk things over rather than have someone attend their birth or support them during postpartum. The reasons are many, but the desire for clarity and confidence during the childbearing year is a commonality.

What if I want to hire you and an in-person doula?

Honestly, I think that’s a great idea! I’d love to be an additional support to you.

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