Postpartum Planning



Yes, birth is a big deal. But postpartum might be an even bigger one—yet it’s hardly talked about. You absolutely can set yourself up to have a happier, healthier postpartum experience.  The best thing for a newborn is a birthing parent that is well (and well taken care of)., after all! I will help you do the legwork now, so when your babe is in your arms, you are less likely to be (#realtalk) crying at 3 am wondering why no one told you this was going to be so hard. I can’t promise you it will be easy, but I can promise that you won’t be sorry you prioritized yourself and your recovery. Focusing on education, practical tips, nutrition, physical recovery, and mental/emotional health, we’ll set up a support system—tailored to your situation, preferences, and family—for the first eight weeks of your baby’s life.

This postpartum planning session package consists of one one hour session, one half hour session (closer to your birthing time) and then one half-hour session in the first few weeks after birth, plus a postpartum planning worksheet and tipsheet.

From this package, you can expect:

  • Realistic expectations for recovery and breastfeeding
  • A written set of tasks to delegate
  • Ideas for self-care
  • A solid plan of action for different scenarios
  • Knowledge about resources in your local community
  • Feeling more prepared for the arrival of your baby/babies.