Postpartum Planning

Set Yourself Up for a Peaceful Transition Into Parenthood with a Postpartum Plan

Your fourth trimester can be full of peace and power.

Yes, birth is a big deal. But postpartum might be an even bigger one. Yet it’s hardly talked about—what with the baby gear, birth plan, and everyone’s excitement over the new little human about to join the family. Many families are shocked at how difficult the first few weeks with a newborn actually are.

After all, you’re getting to know your baby, recovering from birth, and grappling with the deep transformation that comes with new parenthood.  The hormones are no joke, that’s for sure, but the fourth trimester (the first twelve weeks after birth) doesn’t have to be stuck on survival mode. You absolutely can set yourself up to have a happy and healthy postpartum experience.  After all, the best thing for a newborn is a birthing parent who is well (and well-taken care of)! 


That’s why you need a postpartum plan. My postpartum planning service is inspired by the powerful postpartum traditions that exist in cultures around the world, but firmly set in today’s fast-paced culture—designed to help you build the strong and solid foundation you need to nurture both yourself and your new little one.

I will help you do the legwork now, so when your babe is in your arms, you are less likely to be (#realtalk) crying at 3 am wondering why no one told you this was going to be so hard. I can’t promise you it will be easy, but I can promise that you won’t be sorry you prioritized yourself and your postpartum recovery. Focusing on education, practical tips, life administration and management, nutrition, physical recovery, and mental and emotional health, we’ll set up a support system—tailored to your situation, preferences, and family—for the first twelve weeks of your baby’s life.

Who Is Postpartum Planning For?

  • New parents! Anxious  about the adjustment? Worried you won’t be able to handle the  hormone swings and the sleepless nights? I got you.
  • Experienced parents! Maybe you  had a difficult time during the newborn period the first time around and want a different experience now. Let’s learn from the past to create a more peaceful future. 
  • Type As! Control is your middle name. Of course you can’t control your postpartum experience, but you can set parameters in place to make it more manageable. I’ll help.
  • Partners! Unsure on how to support your person through this big transition? Worried about how you’ll cope with helping them and adjusting to new parenthood? Let’s work out a role that feels right. 
  • People who live their life with intention! Not one to let the chips fall where they may, especially in a time as important as the fourth trimester?  I’m right there with you. An intentional plan is what this is all about.


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