Doula Mentoring

An Honest & Heart-Centered Guide to Doula Life

Being a doula is amazing—and hard as hell.

When I became a doula back in 2012, I had no idea how much this work would change my life. It has been the greatest gift—and one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. As a new doula, I could have really used an honest, experienced doula mentor to talk to when I had questions or when things got weird. Because as much as birthwork is beautiful, it is also (like birth itself!) deeply and irrevocably transformative. And transformation isn’t always easy, pretty, or linear.

As a doula mentor, I help you on that path of transformation—so you can be the solid rock your clients need, holding space and supporting from your own solid foundation as a birthworker.

My doula mentor services are simple—no strings attached or long-term commitment. We can connect as much or as little as you want.

Why Should You Mentor With Me?

Eight years of experience as a doula, with attendance at a variety of births in all settings, including home, birth center, VBAC, planned Cesarean, family-centered Cesarean, medically-high risk, and more, including training in abortion, loss, lactation, postpartum

 I’m a published writer with dozens of articles about pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding in national publications like ELLEParentsFitPregnancy, and more—so I know how to communicate effectively about birth and maternity care in our country today, be it with clients, community members, or care teams

I believe in community action and birth justice—and I follow through, as a cofounder and the volunteer co-coordinator of the UNM Volunteer Birth Companion Program at the University of New Mexico Hospital and the steering committee lead of the New Mexico Doula Association

I am deeply passionate about the present and future of the doula role and profession. I work to organize doulas, influence policy, and build a world where doulas are respected members of the maternity care team

Read more about me, my history, training, and contributions.

My Approach

I’m here to help you figure out how to make doula life work for you—how to make it meaningful, sustainable, and realistic for you and your reality. I believe that doulas can be powerful changemakers both locally and nationally—but I understand not everyone is or wants to be an activist. I’m here for big picture stuff (like should you work solo or join a group?) as well as smaller concerns (What should you have said at that birth in that tough situation?!). I’m modern, down-to-earth, and lit from a true inner fire regarding the doula role and profession.


How It Works

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We will hash it out together

You're New Here

New doula? Need help getting grounded in this work? Let’s chat about ways to do that—I’ll give you solid ideas to build relationships in your community/the birth room, set up sustainable practices for yourself before, during, and after births, and answer the questions you’re kinda embarrassed to ask in all of those doula Facebook groups you joined.

60-90 minute phone or video call


So You Want To Be A Doula...

So, you think you want to be a doula! If you’re looking for some serious real-talk on what doula life  is like, we can chat about it all: business, lifestyle, training, ethics, self-care, and more. I'll help you figure out your options in a supportive way, but I will ask hard questions to help you figure out if doula work is truly for you. 

60 to 90 minute phone or video call.


Client Debrief

Need insight, advice, and guidance on a situation with a client, be it a tricky birth, awkward prenatal, weird interaction, etc? Let’s debrief! I’ll share my perspective and help you find the tools to process the experience, learn from it, and move forward feeling confident in the birth room and beyond.

60-90 min phone or video call


Ask Me Anything

Pick my brain about anything and everything related to doula work, including direct client support, business concerns, doula skills, social media—the list goes on! I’ll help you with whatever is on your mind in regards to starting, growing, or maintaining life and work as a doula.

60 to 90 minute phone or video call.


Mentoring Package

If you're looking for a more long-term mentoring relationship, let's do it. We'll meet on a regular basis and talk through and plan for the issues that matter most to you as a doula. This can include doula identity, coping strategies, boundaries, avoiding burnout, getting clients you feel aligned with, interviewing, relating to other birth pros, building relationships, and practical doula skills. 

60-90 minute phone or video calls weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc

Price tailored to you and your needs

I am proud to offer all of my services on a sliding scale. I believe that doing so is a tool for economic justice. We can chat about how to make working together possible.

10% of profits from doula mentoring will be donated to groups and organizations that grow and support birthworkers of color.

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