Virtual Doula

 virtual doula services and coaching for those who can’t access a doula in their area, want additional or ancillary support, or just need some honest perspective and good advice as they navigate emotions, evidence, and decision-making during the childbearing year.

Postpartum Planning

 My postpartum planning service is inspired by the powerful postpartum traditions that exist in cultures around the world, but firmly set in today’s fast-paced culture—designed to help you build the strong and solid foundation you need to nurture both yourself and your new little one.

Doula Mentoring

As a doula mentor, I help you become the solid rock your clients need, holding space and supporting from your own strong foundation as a birthworker.

Abortion Doula

As an abortion doula, I am trained to provide emotional, mental, physical, and informational support during and after a surgical or medication abortion.

Miscarriage Doula

Miscarriage, whether of a wanted or unwanted pregnancy, is a transition that deserves thoughtful support.

Copywriting for Birth Professionals

 Together, we’ll make sure your website, blog, and print materials are well-written, evocative, and most importantly, reflective of you and your particular magic—so your ideal clients feel connected and cared for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual doula?

A virtual doula is a doula who serves you virtually, digitally, online! (Some may also call it a distance doula).

Who should hire a virtual doula?

Virtual doula services are a good fit for families for a number of different reasons. Some may like a virtual doula because they’re living in an area without many doulas. Others may love to have a doula’s support and advice prenatally, but would prefer to keep the birth a private experience. A virtual doula may also work for someone who has had a doula before, but this time just wants to talk things over rather than have someone attend their birth or support them during postpartum. The reasons are many, but the desire for clarity and confidence during the childbearing year is a commonality.

What if I want to hire you and an in-person doula?

Honestly, I think that’s a great idea! I’d love to be an additional support to you.

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