Since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic and life in the US began to rapidly change earlier this week, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what an intense and scary time this is to be pregnant (I’m a doula—pregnancy and birth is my lens!)  One small thing I decided to do to contribute in this pandemic is make a quick roundup of online childbirth and breastfeeding classes.

As I see it, education and self-advocacy are going to be more important than ever for birthing people during the COVID19 outbreak, especially people who are planning to birth in the hospital. I am hearing about rapidly changing policies from hospitals around the country regarding who can be in the room with someone during labor and birth, so your birth support team may not look like what you originally intended, either. Understanding the normal progression of labor, how to cope with labor sensations, your rights as a birthing patient and more are key. I don’t know exactly what it’s like on labor and delivery units right now (or what it may be like in the next few weeks or months), but I do know that staff are going to be even more stretched and stressed than usual.

Information can be power. Information can be an antidote to anxiety. You can’t plan birth and you can’t fix a pandemic, but you can do your part (social distancing!!) and obtain information and knowledge to make your experience of giving birth at this time easier and calmer.

These classes may be for you if:

  • Your in-person childbirth or lactation education classes were canceled
  • You didn’t get a chance to take childbirth or lactation education classes before the pandemic started
  • You are worried about navigating hospital care during a pandemic
  • You feel you and your partner should be more prepared than usual
  • You aren’t sure if your doula is going to be able to attend your birth because of person limits in the hospital
  • You’ve educated yourself a lot, hired a doula, and felt prepared—but now want to learn even more just in case
  • You’re scared, anxious, and want to occupy your mind
  • And more…all reasons are valid here 😉

NOTE: I have not personally taken or vetted any of these classes. This is merely meant to be a compilation of resources that seemed legitimate to my experienced doula eye—I do not take responsibility for or vouch for any of the content within. Please do your own research and decide which, if any, are a fit for your needs, interests, goals, and situation. I decided to organize this by price tier because I know that with many not able to work right now, budgets may become tighter.


Online Childbirth Education Classes


Labor Confidence with Lamaze

Doula Works (Community, education and support for pregnancy through back to work)

Birthing in the time of COVID-19, Evidence-Based Birth


Less than $100

Online Prenatal Class for Couples from Pulling Curls (multiple options for pricing), tiers at $35, $99, and $149

GentleBirth from GentleBirth $50, free for teens and people in financial need

3 Things Every Parent Needs to Know about Hospital Birth, Birth Monopoly, $34

Know Your Rights from Birth Monopoly payment plan available, plus more comprehensive higher price package available, $99 (I can vouch for this course—and in fact I think this information is even more important right now. Knowing your rights and how to be a self-advocate will be KEY.)

Supporting Her from Supporting Her (geared towards partners), $49

Twin Pregnancy and Holistic Health Training from Janice Hoult, price TBA

App-based online childbirth class from Soshe (Birth prep content + a birth plan tool in the app, plus more), $49

Various classes from Birth Boot Camp, starting at $65

Plan B: Giving Birth in Uncertain Times from SisterBirth, $25

Over $100

Know Your Options from The Birth Hour podcast, payment plan available, 50% off with code 50PERCENT, $397

Mama Natural Birth Course from Mama Natural, payment plan available, $264

The Truth About VBAC from VBAC Facts, payment plan available, $199

How To VBAC from the VBAC Link, $189

Birth + Baby Class from Welcome to Lumos, ($100 off with code SUCKITCOVID), payment plan available, $364

HypnoMothering Childbirth Class from Hypnomothering, $329

Preparing for Birth from BEST, payment plan available, $275

Preparing for Birth from The Better Birth Project, $300

Mind Blowing Preparation for Birth and Beyond Online Childbirth Classes from Virginia Bobro, $129

The Birth Lounge (multiple options for pricing), $288 and up

Map to Birth and Beyond from Doula Wisdom, $116 USD ($189 AUS)

Online HypnoBirthing Classes from Born Free Birthing, $300

 Embrace: A Sisterly Guide to Having Babies Bravely from SisterBirth, 30% off with code COVID19, $350

Own Your Amazing Birth Self-Study Program from Sanctuary Birthing, $397 w/30% discount now $278 

Six Month Small Group Course from Sanctuary Birthing, $1997 w/30% discount now $1398

Rhythm of Birth online childbirth and postpartum preparation, $260, payment plan available

These Are My Hours, birth and postpartum preparation for parents, $150, payment plan available 


Online Lactation/Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding Classes



All breastfeeding classes from Tinyhood are free right now

Breastfeeding Breakthrough from Lactation Link

Breastfeeding Basics from Breastfeeding House Calls

Short Course on Breastfeeding from Stanford University


Less Than $100

Comprehensive Breastfeeding Class from Milksprout, $12

Milkology (multiple options and topics), $19

Natural Breastfeeding, $97

Lactation Link (various options and topics), $97

Infant Feeding Course from BEST, payment plans available, $44.97



Online Postpartum Prep Courses


Less Than $100

Better Postpartum, multiple options for classes, starting at $75


Over $100

Postpartum Prep at Birthful, $147

Prepared Postpartum, $297, payment plan available


Many doulas (including myself) and other perinatal professionals will be offering online appointments, consults, and support at this time. Take advantage of this kind of support and planning, if you’re able!

Wash your hands. Eat healthfully, if you can. Find things to do that give you joy. FaceTime with loved ones. Exercise. Meditate. Spend time outside.  Take a few minutes each day to send love into your uterus and to your baby(ies).  Take care of yourselves and take care of each other. I’m rooting for you. You’ve got this.

Please feel free to email me at if you have additional questions or want support regarding these resources.

If you have a class you want included, email me and I will update it. NOTE: at this time, I don’t have the capacity to add individual providers  or groups who are offering online care or consults….because that could be like….everyone! So for now, I’m keeping this to online classes that have already been created and have all of the information upfront so people can see what’s included, pricing, etc. I can’t include classes or services where you have to email for price and information right now.