(Steer clear if you don’t want Downton Abbey Season 3 spoilers)

Here’s a compendium of birth-related links I’ve recently found interesting. I poke around in the internet birth community quite a bit, so I’m hoping to make this a semi-regular feature here on my doula blog.

  • An interesting post that looks at the death of Sybil on Downton Abbey in light of modern maternity care—do you know about preeclampsia or eclampsia?
  • Hooray for birth centers! A new comprehensive study shows how they can lower the C-section rate and save on healthcare costs.
  • A midwife’s perspective on perineal tears.
  • There was a great essay by Jennifer Margulis on the generally unnecessary practice of episiotomies in the New York Times.
  • Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL birth pictures. Vote for the one you like the best!