I’m so excited to announce that I’ve written and launched an online course called Writing Your Birth Story! Well, I actually launched it about a month ago in November 2020, but mom life and pandemic life and work life has all gotten in the way of me promoting it a ton—hence this late post on my very own website 😉 As you might have guessed, the course is all about how to write your birth story!

I wrestled with quite a bit of imposter syndrome about this course, wondering if there was even a need for it. After all, you don’t *need* anyone to teach you to write a birth story…all you need to do that is your memory, some time, and a way to record it. Still, I knew there might be a few parents out there the course could help…..and I knew this because I myself struggled a ton with writing my own story.

It’s ironic, because I’ve been a doula and professional writer for years. You’d think writing a birth story would be a no brainer for me. But honestly, sitting down to figure out how to put the experience of giving birth into words just felt super overwhelming to me. I wanted to do it really well, write something that would be honest and true and good, that both my family and myself could look back on and feel proud of. No big deal, right? 😉

So I decided to use my background and experience as a doula and writer to come up with a simple method to write a birth story. I settled on an online course and designed it to be completed a little at a time over seven days (but it can really be done at whatever pace suits you).
Writing Your Birth Story, the online course, consists of 9 writing exercises, 40+ birth story examples, 70+ questions/prompts and more—all specially-designed to help parents write an awesome birth story.  The course is geared towards parents who really want to have a memorable story for themselves or as a family keepsake, but who may be feeling stuck, strapped for time, or just plain don’t know where to start.

Writing Your Birth Story is inclusive of all birthing people, scenarios, situations, and choices, although it is geared towards people who had live births. I’ve taken special care to include information on birth trauma and to make this overall course trauma-aware, because giving birth is not always a joyful experience in our current medical system, especially for BIPOC birthers.
I’ve tried to price it affordably at $33, but will have two weeks each year where I offer it for pay-what-you-can. 15% of profits in even months will go to a BIPOC-led and centered person, group or organization in the perinatal space! 

It’s gotten some great reviews so far, including from awesome people like Jen McClellan of Plus Mommy and Plus Size Birth (if you listen to me on her podcast, there just may be a discount code in it for you….)

To learn more, visit WritingYourBirthStory.com!

For a little preview, check out my blog post How To Write Your Birth Story over on WritingYourBirthStory.com

I’ve poured a ton of my heart into this course and truly hope it will find its way to those who need it. 

Writing Your Birth Story Online Course