Photo from Kala Bernier on Flickr, licensed through Creative Commons

I cry at basically every birth photograph I see. Whether it’s the cell phone snap of the first skin-to-skin moment or gorgeous, well-lit professional shots, seeing visual evidence of birth’s power is just so amazing and so emotional.I have to admit, though, that the professional photos are usually more memorable!

I think having a professional birth photographer at your birth (if you can afford it) is one of the most incredible ways to remember the moments before, during, and after your baby came into this world.

Here are a few of my favorite Albuquerque birth photographers living and working here in central New Mexico! (This post was originally written in 2014 and has been updated for 2016)

1. Coffey Shoppe Photography and Birth Services: Erin is also a doula, and brings her huge sense of compassion to her photography and birth work. Erin’s photos are deeply intimate, whether it’s a birth, a newborn session, or a shoot with the whole family.

2. Lori Martinez Photography: Lori’s photos are beautiful and colorful, capturing the joy of birth in many different settings here in ABQ!

3. Melanie Chadwick Photography: Also a trained doula, Melanie Chadwick’s photos truly capture that newborn squishiness, as well as all of the strength and power that comes along with giving birth.