Abortion Doula

Abortion Doula

Abortion is a transition of the body, mind, and spirit, one that deserves thoughtful support. As a virtual abortion doula, I am trained to provide emotional, mental, physical, and informational support during and after a surgical or medication abortion.

Virtual abortion doula services are highly individualized to the person having the experience, but can look like:

  • Information about medical abortion management, interventions, and choices
  • Help with planning and education resources
  • Support as you advocate for your needs and wishes
  • Help communicating with medical providers, family, friends, and other support people
  • Comfort measures and pain management techniques
  • Suggestions and guidance for emotional self-care
  • Suggestions and guidance for physical self-care, including herbal support
  • Listening and processing
  • Compassionate witnessing
  • Support and education post-abortion

In general, we work together for a period of weeks (2-6) and have 1-3 phone calls or video sessions, plus lots of text and email.

NOTE: I do not provide medical advice regarding abortion. My services are supportive only.

Abortion doula services are by donation. 

My Philosophy

As a doula, I do not judge your choices, your actions, your desires, or your experience.  I’m here to support you in figuring out what makes sense for you—that might include decision-making, healing, processing, and more.


My Training

I am trained as an abortion doula by Full Spectrum Doula Circle. I have also taken Samantha Zipporah’s Holistic Miscarriage and Abortion Support course. Learn more about me.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for you to support me virtually around the time of my abortion?

Yes! As of 4/2020, all abortion support is virtual. It can happen via text, email, FaceTime, Zoom, or other platforms.

Who should hire an abortion doula?

Abortion doula support is ideal for people who are looking for dedicated support during the mental, physical and emotional  transition of abortion. There are no right or wrong feelings about having an abortion, but people may want to have a supportive, knowledgable, and non-judgmental person to talk through things with, before, during and after the experience—someone who is solely there to hear, see, and hold space, with no other agenda.

What can I expect from you as a virtual abortion doula?

We will decide, together, what our relationship looks like, but it will always include emotional support and space-holding for you during this transition. In general, we work together for a period of weeks (2-6) and have 1-3 phone calls or video sessions, plus lots of text and email.


Contact Me

Email me at carriemurphydoula@gmail.com or fill out the form below.