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“Carrie Murphy was simply excellent. She listened to our preferences, hopes, and dreams about the birthing process, and did her best to help make them a reality with professionalism, warmth, and a sense of humor. From our first meeting until our postpartum visit, we felt that she was an excellent, non-intrusive, advocate to our entire pregnancy and birth process. Our labor experience ended up being more complicated than expected, much of it in the hospital, and though we ended with a vaginal birth, we were in the gray zone where a c-section was possible for hours. I was grateful to have someone else in the room who knew what to expect, knew what was normal, and knew when to encourage us to ask questions. As a health care provider that works in the hospital where I delivered, I had more efficient/medical term heavy conversations with the medical team for efficiency’s sake. Carrie was able to translate these conversations into layman terms for my husband, and he could not stop singing her praises. Her emotional and physical support during the labor process were also key; doing a long labor with just a partner is exhausting for two people and having one more pair of hands to give that comforting touch or massage, grab a sandwich for my husband, and help brighten the mood by suggesting a change in music or conversation were all key to having the stamina to make it through…her knowledge base and ability to pick up on the mood of the room and nuance of conversation allowed her to be an incredibly effective support team member. I highly recommend her!”—Monica P.

“I can’t recommend a doula enough for any type of birth and Carrie was wonderful! I have no idea how I would have made it through my labor without her. I had a typical non-medicated birth in a hospital lasting about twenty-four hours (about twelve of which were in the hospital). Carrie, having done her research beforehand, knew just what I needed throughout my labor. She was attentive, caring, and ready to try whatever I needed to push on. She took thorough notes as able which were awesome to read through later (and only a little scary!). I truly believe childbirth is easier when shared with people who genuinely care. It’s clear that Carrie loves everything about mothers, childbirth and everything in between. She is highly educated and always learning more. She was a wonderful advocate when I had no idea what to expect. Do yourself a favor and have a champion by your side when you go through something so amazing and wonderful and totally terrifying!”—Emily S.

“I had a wonderful birth experience with Carrie as my doula. Since I knew I’d be going through childbirth on my own, I decided I needed a doula in my corner. I was immediately attracted to Carrie’s energy when I first met her, and that she seemed to be sensitive toward non-traditional family situations. During labor, she encouraged me exactly how I needed her to. She was exactly the cheerleader I needed her to be. She also really helped me make some tough decisions about my labor. I felt like she would be able to adapt her coaching style to match the personality of any birth mother so that mom could have the best experience she possibly could. Should I have another baby, I wouldn’t hesitate to have Carrie as my doula again. I think she’d be great for your family too.” —Dawn D.

“Even though I was having a planned cesarean, I knew I needed to hire a doula. I didn’t have to worry though, because I knew exactly who to hire. I had been an acquaintance of Carrie’s for a little while and knew she would be my perfect fit. Before the scheduled birth date, Carrie came to our house to go over what our expectations and needs were. On the day of my cesarean in the OR prep room, she arrived on time and made me feel very comforted and at ease. She was there through the operation, giving me her full attention, and even taking amazing pictures to document our child being born. She stayed with me while my husband went with baby for a little extra breathing support. She was my support from start to finish, and I would have been stressed and lost without her. During our postpartum visit, Carrie was very helpful with any questions or concerns I was having. She was even nice enough to help me out when in a bind, taking my five year old to her swim lesson. Carrie went above and beyond, and I couldn’t have asked for a better doula. Carrie was caring, professional, warm, loving, supportive, and funny! All the the things I really needed. She was a big part of my child’s birth and I will never forget it.”—Melissa P.

“Speaking as a husband/father who has always prides himself on being strong, supportive and someone who rises to challenges and pressure, I don’t know if I could not have gotten my wife, or myself, through her labor near as well without Carrie. I was a nervous wreck in the weeks before labor and Carrie was an extremely supportive and calming influence, I thought she was a real treasure to have. It wasn’t until my wife went into labor when I realized just how valuable Carrie truly is. When I started to get scared, Carrie really shined. She helped us both understand what was happening, helped us communicate with hospital staff to gather all of our options and helped us (read me) understand things better to keep calmer than I would have been if she wasn’t there. In short, Carrie not only helped my wife, she helped me. With a labor that triggered a lot of scary and confusing hospital red tape being waved in our faces, Carrie was calming at the right times, supportive right when we needed, an invaluable wealth of knowledge all around and even helped handle our families. I’m so grateful we had Carrie by our side before and during my wife’s labor.  Carrie is a real life superhero in my book!”—Mark S.

“When we first met Carrie, my husband and I weren’t sure a doula was the right direction for us. I had a very traumatic birth experience with my first daughter, and was still unsure about having my second five years later. When we sat down with Carrie, it became —immediately apparent to me that Carrie knew what she was talking about. She asked me pointed questions about my last delivery that helped both her and I hone in on potential issues and fears surrounding this delivery. My husband, who went into the meeting skeptical about the role a doula would play, found himself more at ease. Carrie was the perfect mix of professional and accessible, which helped both my husband and I feel at ease. Carrie was wonderfully helpful in suggesting resources to try when I was overdue and facing an induction. She recommended the Spinning Babies program, chiropractic, acupuncture, acupressure, massage, etc. and really helped me to relax about being overdue. And when the time finally came, Carrie was perfect in the delivery room. She helped me focus my breath, and did awesome counter-pressure massage that made a huge difference. My husband was so glad to have the help in supporting me. He felt Carrie was well worth the money, and I’m not sure I would have had my successful VBAC without her!” —Virginia S.

“Carrie was very professional and enthusiastic throughout the pregnancy, labor, and post-labor. She always communicated quickly and efficiently, whether through phone or e-mail, including sending information about events related to pregnancy and labor. Carrie was warm and down to earth so my husband and I felt comfortable voicing concerns and asking specific questions. When I went into labor Carrie showed up promptly and stayed with us through the 30 hour labor, helping me and my husband as needed. She gave helpful techniques and support to aide with progression, discomfort, and fatigue. The atmosphere created was peaceful and supportive, even through communication with hospital staff so everything went as smooth as possible. Our labor was a positive, exciting experience with Carrie’s involvement, including pictures and a detailed birth story. She visited a couple weeks after the birth to check in and offer more support and feedback. We were very happy with her services.”—Kate V.